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It was all highly illegal and dangerous, which made it all the more fun.By late 1967 Barry had worked out a deal with JUSPAO to do some media relations with their unit.

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I missed Adrian Cronauer by several years in Saigon.

At the station I was able to show him some of the tricks of television, and once out of the building we shared great meals and wonderful discussions.

Later Barry also found a little apartment near Cholon.

We had continued our friendship with phone calls and e-mail until the end.

Chuck is pictured in 1970 at Da Nang, where he is joined by a visiting Ron Ely (TV's Tarzan); then we see Chuck and his bride Nancy at their 7 July 2012 wedding and two years later on an outing in Toronto.2 for six months on Monkey Mountain, where I succeeded Air Force Capt. Then I served as Chief of News/news director of the network, based in Saigon, for the rest of my tour.