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16-Nov-2017 04:19

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In this, the second to last article in our series, we’ll explore the 50 year rise in stress relating to technology and explain why women are the only hope we have to be saved from what appears to be impending destruction.In order to understand why men may be incapable of fixing this problem, we must first explore some of the study’s hypothesis for why men may not be able to see other men as part of an automatic in-group and therefore, see them as subhumans.Based on the numbers of men derogated in the last 47 years, we may be seeing the beginnings of the worst holocaust in human history.In the 47 years since Future Shock was published, historical stress levels and interconnected social technologies have risen, right alongside prison populations (below) and homelessness. During this period we’ve also seen the declining mental health of children, increased unhappiness among women, and a male suicide rate that has become alarming to professionals who study those phenomena.The study cites 5 possible Hypotheses: In animals, where dominance hierarchies have been observed, the more dominant the in-group, the greater the preponderance of in-group bias.This is observed in humans when the local Sportsball Team wins the big game and fans line up en masse to support them at the World Sportsball Championship.

It is a powerful herd who will throw their shit when they are made aware of their own out-group biases against men and boys.It is easy to imagine how some men might easily abuse their power to derogate other men.Minority groups adopt similar attitudes for themselves that are held by predominant groups and sometimes members even strive to conform to the stereotypes.If your family has been blissfully unaffected by having a father, son, brother, or uncle derogated to prison, you likely view this apocalypse as a type of academic problem for “other” families.

Our stress and parasite stress is increasing and this has an established link to authoritarian catastrophes.

Drugs have been framed as an epidemic and thereby subtly linked to pathogen and parasite stress to increase our willingness to derogate “other” men.

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