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25-Jun-2017 13:20

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The incidence of masturbation in individuals with Down syndrome has been reported as 40% in males and as 52% in females (Rogers and Coleman, 1992; Pueschel, 1986).

Rates of masturbation are not significantly higher in individuals with Down syndrome than those in the general population (Myers and Pueschel, 1991); reports demonstrate the general population incidence to be 100% in males and 25% in females by the age of 15 (Ertem and Leventhal, 1995).

In this paradigm, colored circles represent levels of personal relationship and physical intimacy.

This article was originally published in the journal Down Syndrome Research and Practice, vol 3, issue 2, 1995. Abstract -As human beings, individuals with Down syndrome have the right to emotionally satisfying and culturally appropriate sexual expression.It may also provide self-gratification; it may or may not prelude sexual intercourse (Monat-Haller, 1992).