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21-Sep-2017 13:21

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I just thought that after all we had been through she wouldn't have to prove to herself that she could "survive" without me. I'm the guy and my very close friend recently broke up with her gf. I've always known we would not be together just because we weren't compatable sexually. I thought it meant that she was open to being in a closer relationship to me. I said that I respect who she is and that I do not expect her to change.

When her sex drive disappeared months ago she was afraid I would leave her but we worked through it. She was very special to me and continues to inspire me. I don't care how difficult it was you don't just ditch someone that did nothing wrong. So I started treating her about the same way I would treat a hetro girlfriend. Since then, we have taken breaks from each other, but then seeing each other again, till she was uncomfortable again, rinse and repeat. Similar to a previous post, I have also thought about a future with her in a poly-amourous relationship.

Hey im 13 and afraid that i might be a lesbian its not a bad thing its just im kind of imbarressed ive felt this way for a good while and dont want to tell my friend in case they feel strange around me or tell people who will make fun of me should i tell them and warn them to keep it a secret???

I do like girls and i get kinda aroused if i see brest on the tv please somebody help me :( Why not have an open relationship?

You surely know how gay couple are stereotyped by society: one plays the woman and the the other the man.

Bisexuals are more difficult for a hetero-normative society to deal with.

I honestly think that you are bisexual and maybe unconsciously afraid of having a relation with that man.

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I know bisexual are not considered well in society, and I think it's maybe because they can't fit in an hetero normative society stereotypes....

She said that wasn't what she wanted, so we stayed together.