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Days earlier he had been sentenced to be hung and disemboweled, but Henry VIII had changed the sentence to beheading.

The letter More wrote was to his beloved daughter, Margaret. Thomas, he wrote, "Therefore tomorrow long I to go to God: it were a day very meet and convenient for me."Why must he "go to God"?

The title of this book also entered the English language as a word.

From 1518 onward, Henry VIII employed More in his service. He was made Undersecretary of the Treasury, Speaker of Parliament, and High Steward of both Oxford and Cambridge. A loyal Catholic, More wrote and acted against the reformers.

He opposed Tyndale's attempts to put the Bible into the English language. Robert Bolt's movie, A Man for All Seasons, takes up the story at this point.

As Lord Chancellor he applied force against "heretics." His loyalty to the church was bound to bring him afoul of Henry when the king proclaimed himself head of the English church. Sir Thomas More, so well-known abroad, must submit to Henry or the king could not rest easy.

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The description by Governor John Winthrop is the first record suggestive of a tornado in the U.

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